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The features of the AMS-2000 will make tuning, logging and adjusting to pick up ET and MPH easy and straight forward. �The AMS-2000 offers numerous control strategies you can choose from. Once you choose a primary control strategy the rest become offsets to that strategy! This gives you the ability to mix and match as well as integrate numerous inputs to create a single highly advanced control curve delivering the absolute most advanced capability ever.
One of the best features of the 2k is the ability to log data and overlay its data on top of the target pressure curve to allow you the absolute finest accuracy in making modifications to your curve. No more going back and forth between your data logger and the controller!


Single channel laptop based boost control with 10 control strategies to choose from.

Logging upgrade- Enables all logging except Accelerometer logging

Accelerometer Upgrade- Enables Accelerometer Logging and Relay Criteria. (if this upgrade done without logging upgrade it will log acceleration and lateral g’s in logger)

Offset channels upgrade – Enables all offset channels as in pro unit allowing 10 dimensional control capability

Aux channel and relay output upgrade- Enables auxiliary channel and relay outputs and criteria except Accelerometer. This allows secondary control channel or outputs can be used to turn devices on with ground signals based on any threshold the AMS-2000 sees. Example- nitrous solenoid, transmission solenoids, shifters , shift lights, water injection etc.

Pro unit-All inclusive package!


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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 2 in