Impact Racing NecksGen REV Head Restraint Systems





Sometimes the simplest answer is the best solution. The foundation of the Impact Racing NecksGen REV head restraint systems are the patent pending tension neutralizing tether design. Through extensive testing, it was determined the yoke added unnecessary mass to the systems, limited the driver’s range of motion, and made ingress and egress from the race vehicle difficult. The single tension neutralizing tethering system does all the work therefore allowing the yoke to be eliminated and the systems to be ergonomically constructed to minimize interference between the seat and the helmet while improving comfort, and reducing weight. The ergonomic construction and the patented tethering system not only allows for superior frontal and lateral support, these restraint systems improve ingress and egress from the vehicle during an emergency situation. Weighing in at just over a pound, they feature a padded comfort foam that rests on the trapezius muscle rather than the clavicles (collarbones) allowing the load of an impact to be evenly diffused amongst the multiple load paths designed into the single tension neutralizing tethers. The proprietary, patent-pending design of the REV head restraint systems also reduces the incidence of injury to the chest or collarbones under impact. Do you compete in different race cars with vary degrees of seat angles? Then these systems are perfect for you! Their ergonomic design eliminates the need to own various systems simply because you have a differing seat angles – they will work in any chassis and in any seat angle. Available in three sizes (small, medium, and large) additional features include a quick release system, allowing for a quick eject of the tethers from the helmet and integrated belt guides ensure the restraints stay put.

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