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The newest model to the PerformAIRE lineup is the PerformAIRE “ECLIPSE”. This state of the art handheld model features an internal fan aspirated “sensor tunnel” that allows air to flow directly across the sensors for accurate and ultra quick weather readings, even in direct sunlight! The PerformAIRE “ECLIPSE” also features many new enhancements included the newest in battery technology a (Li-Ion) Lithium Ion rechargeable battery (charger included). This Li-Ion battery allows unit to take several hundred air samples without needing to be recharged. The PerformAIRE “ECLIPSE” is packed with the same prediction capabilities as the original PerformAIRE, but also allows for 1 run predictions with preset and user defined ratios, multiple weather variable predictions (density altitude, oxygen altitude, air density ratio, correction factor, dew point, and vapor pressure), and corrects prediction for wind effects, which are customizable. And, as mentioned above, it is now equipped with a measurement for WATER GRAINS. Air sample readings are made easier with auto stabilization technology that automatically lets user know when the weather reading has stabilized and is accurate. The backlit LCD display allows for easy night viewing and the self-standing rubber boot with removable wrist strap and belt clip protects unit and makes it easy to carry.


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