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First and foremost, this latest version is packed with the same prediction capabilities as the original PerformAIRE, but also allows for 1 run predictions with preset and user defined ratios, multiple weather variable predictions (oxygen altitude -optional-, density altitude, air density ratio, correction factor, dew point, and vapor pressure), and corrects prediction for wind effects, which are customizable.

Other features include:


  • Large LCD Display.
  • Last Air Sample “Hold”. You can save a run at a specific time and recall it later.
  • State of the art weather sensors – temp, humidity, barometer, vapor pressure, and dew point : quick responding and extremely accurate.
  • 400 run database – can be split up to hold 10 different cars or tracks, all runs are entered on the Data Entry Keypad, and stored with a date and time stamp.
  • Highly Accurate Prediction Program – predicts your ET or Throttle Stop settings, Jet Sizes, etc. through exact scientific equations formulated specifically for internal combustion engines.
  • Run Completion (to help figure what you would have run on a pass when you lifted early), and bad run detection feature.
  • Download / Analysis Kit Available for your PC.
  • NHRA & IHRA Contingency money offered!


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