Racepak IQ3S “Street Dash”



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  • Display standard road functions
  • Display up to 28 inputs via 4 pages
  • Blue backlight
  • Gear Indicator
  • Eight user defined alarms
  • User defined 5 character sensor input names
  • User defined shift light output
  • Shielded, low luster display for sunlight viewing
  • Metric and English capable
  • CAN-based and OBD2 compatible
  • Connect to any Racepak’s V-Net data loggers
  • Optional GP
  • Compatible with over 20 stand alone EFI systems
  • Compact, Sleek, and Versatile

    More than a digital dash, the IQ3s is a complete replacement for your factory dash cluster, providing visuals for standard road functions such as speed, turn signals, fuel level, high beam, parking brake, time, odometer, trip and much more. In addition, the IQ3s can connect to Racepak’s optional GPS module, where mechanical speed input is not available.

    S module for speed


Program, Customize, and GO

Information can be displayed on four user-programmable dash pages, and the IQ3s also features four internal warning lights, internal progressive shift light, along with external warning light and fan outputs. The IQ3s can easily connect to CAN-based 2008 and newer OBD2 functions, and can be utilized with any of Racepak’s V-Net data loggers.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 4 in