Tubular Travel Limiters New Style Aluminum





New style tubular travel limiters feature T6061 aluminum for the ultimate lightweight design! They come high gloss black anodized and are available with steel or aluminum rod ends. Save over 50% over steel travel limiters at the same price!

Limit front end travel for drag race applications. Install to lower control arm and body to limit arm travel. These are fully tubular and feature a quick pin to made fast and precise adjustments in 3/8″ increments. Come with all the necessary hardware to install and will require minor welding of 4 clevis mounts.

Can be mounted to lower control arm to frame or can be mounted to upper control arm to frame/cage on cars with an upper control arm. Limiters are universal and can be mounted to virtually any car. Limiters DO NOT have to be mounted straight up and down which makes mounting possibilities endless.  Limiters are designed to be mount at 12″ when car is at ride height.
– T6061 Material
– High strength rod ends
– 3/8″ adjustments
– Quick pin for quick reliable adjustment
– 2 limiters and weld on clevis for the suspension/body
-Control wheelies on drag race surfaces
-Made in USA

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 4 in
Rod End Material

Aluminum (Red Anodized), Steel